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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back to School

Heyz.. haven't blog for long le.. so here I am..

Anyway, its back to school for me in approx. 2 wks or so.. and I'm having mixed feelings.. both excited and scared.. but the fear factor outweighs the excitement in me!

My fears include the following:

(a) What if I cannot cope with my studies and work?
(b) What if I fail? Can I cope with such stress and failure (knowing I'm a perfectionist)?
(c) Does my degree really help what I'm going to do in the future (ie. either in Corporate Communications or Public Relations)? Am I taking the right degree in the first place?
(d) People are finishing the degree within 3 years, and I'm taking at least 3.5 - 4 yrs.. Am I considered competant enough?
(e) How are my lecturers, coursemates and classmates like? Would I form true and genuine friendships within my tenture in UNISIM?

Actually, I have nothing to write about excitement.. my excitement is only short-lived, but it doesn't last as long as my fears.. I never like or should I say hate uncertainties.. I absolutely hate it!!!!! Arghhh~

Going to sleep all alone,
<<< abriel >>>

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reliving my childhood @ Universal Studios Singapore!

Group of colleagues in ex-Company
hanging out in Universal Studios Singapore!

Well.. the day has come where I was waiting quite impatiently for! Its the long-awaited Cerebos Family Day 2010, happened today at Universal Studios Singapore & Resorts World Sentosa!

Welcoming my world,
Universal Studios Singapore, with open arms!

I almost couldn't sleep the nite before actually.. haha.. very excited!
The day started of by me waking up at 6.30am and freshen up and eat a little breakfast! Before long, I was at Harbourfront NEL Control Station meeting up with Wendy & her bf, Lee Hsien, Alex, Wang and Weng Yew. It was indeed a rare sight that I met Wang, who was my boss in my ex-company.. so its like we are meeting up as ex-colleagues (except for Weng Yew who happens to be in the same department as me now after the reorganisation!).. so yupz.. quite happy lah!

The Madagascar Mascots Figurine!

The Penguins from Madagascar!

Gloria the Hippo from Madagascar!

Alex the Lion from Madagascar!

The children's merry-go-round ride
in the town of Madagascar!

King Julien XIII from Madagascar!

When I first reached Universal Studios Singapore, I was indeed amazed and yupz.. I was simply being a camwhore and trigger happy!! Everywhere I went, I just point and shoot!

The shop in the town of Madagascar, where I had spent
the most money ($43.60) on 3 souvenir cups and a magnet!

And yes.. blame it on Madagascar, but I simply couldn't get enough of it, especially the Penguins!! Oooo.. they are so cute!!!!!!!
Anyway, I was so engrossed with Madagascar that I spent the most inside on souvenir cups and a magnet.. I bought so many cups with the intention to change the cups for my family.. and yupz.. glad they like it =D

Puss in Boots from Shrek!

And yes.. until now as I blogged this blogpost, I regret badly that I DIDN'T manage to take photo with Shrek, because he is one of the characters which I want to take photo with as well.. sigh~

The castle in the town of Far Far Away!

Watching the show, "Shrek in 4D"
located in the town of Far Far Away!

Gingy & Donkey from Shrek!

In the land of Far Far Away...

No prizes if you can guess this sign refers to..
It is actually a toilet sign.. cool rite =D

Showing my powers in the town of Ancient Eygpt!

Oh no!! We are caught by one of the guards of
High Priest Imhotep in the town of Ancient Eygpt! Help!! *screams*

I have always been very interested in Eygptian history, and yupz.. that's why its like a must-do thing when I first enter Universal Studios Singapore.. take photo with those Eygptian "creatures", etc if have the chance, but most of all, I took the indoor roller coaster, which was in the dark, and that makes it more thrilling!!

It's my first sitting in this dark roller coaster and I was screaming my guts out! Can you believe it that it is already so dark and I still close my eyes whilst the rollercoaster is moving at top speed! haha.. it was indeed a thrilling ride, and yupz.. I don't regret a single bit!

The magnificent sight of the ceremic guards of
High Priest Imhotep in the town of Ancient Eygpt!

Planting a kiss on Marilyn Monroe in the town of New York! (Apparently, I went a little too close and the staff of Universal Studios Singapore asked me to move back a little.. Quite a lot of people laughed.. haha.. so malu)

The Jurassic Park's Rapid Adventure ride
in the town of The Lost World!

Apparently, we queued for this ride for about 30 mins! And yupz.. A lot of people asked which position you sit (because it is a round raft) then you won't get wet.. but yupz.. the sad thing is that I cannot tell you where exactly, because it really depends on which way the water flow and how your raft move.. so you won't know who was the wettest until the ride is done.. and yupz..

I was fortunate enough to NOT be wet! - only a few drops and light splashes! Other than that, I'm totally dry! But the same can't be said for the seats just 1 seat away.. they were soaking wet, and I do mean VERY wet!!

But the ride was fun in a way that it brings you to this tunnel in the dark and then suddenly, it elevates you very fast, and all of a sudden, you are swashed down 3 storeys high! so yupz.. tts thrilling I tell you! =D

Look at my wide smile in the town of New York!

Such retro red bricks setting in the town of New York!

The night scene (showing a breath-taking sight of
Ancient Eygpt & Sci-Fi) in the town of Hollywood!

The night shot!

And sadly, the park closes at 7pm.. and I was actually reluctant to leave the park.. I would love to stay longer.. really.. I had such a fun time there, that I want to live in this fantasy land forever!

This is something that is very close to my heart, and it made me feel like a child all over again! And yes.. I'm starting to tear a little now.. oh well..

Another night shot!
Looks similar to the SAFTI building if you ask me.. haha..

My souvenir cups from
the various towns (Madagascar, Lost World & Shrek)
in Universal Studios Singapore! =D

Therefore if you ask me whether if have the chance to go back there again, I will say a firm "YES!".. you have to be there to know what I mean.. it really makes you feel like a child again!! No kidding.. oh well..

As they say, all good things will come to an end.. and yupz.. I could only say a big thank you to Cerebos for providing such a good opportunity to feel young again, and also, to my friends (Alex, Wang & Weng Yew) for being such good companion mates today.. Really appreciate their presence =D.. why am I talking like I'm marrying already.. haha.. oh well..

** More photos on my Facebook acoount.. if you have time and interested, you can go take a look! It is a whopping 245 photos where I spent only 8 hrs in the park! camwhore huh.. haha..

I love Universal Studios Singapore,
<<< abriel >>>

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A new challenge..

I have just received news today from HR that with immediate effect, my current department would undergo a re-organisation..

Of course, with re-organisation, it can be either a good or bad thing.. It all depends on how you look at it..

So after my reorganisation today, I no longer do tablets and instead, I'm doing liquids, something that I have never done before!
It was the same as tablets as I actually spent about 2 weeks to 1 mth to familiarise with everything.. so yupz..

Oh well.. this reorganisation doesn't only refer to different jobscopes, but different colleagues and boss as well.. All these need time for me to re-adapt.. but thank God that I can adapt to changes fast enough.. let's just hope I can survive well in this new department..

Guess have to pray more than ever lah.. haha.. oh well..
It is still too early to say whether this is a good or bad thing.. but I hope that it is for the good lah.. =)

Survivor: A game of outwit, outplay & outlast,
<<< abriel >>>

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The end of the loonnggg weekend..

Its the long weekend, and my aunty from Melbourne came to Singapore for her annual holiday.. she stayed at my house, and hence, to be a good host, brought her round Orchard area to eat and all, and show her the sights and sounds of Orchard..

Glad she had a good time (her fave was the Azubo Sabo Green-Tea Red Bean & Black Sesame Hokkaido Ice-cream).. in fact, at her stay here in Singapore (4D3N), we visited Orchard twice, and without fail, she got her hands on those ice cream.. She even treated us to each a cup! haha.. how generous.. but glad she like it!

And I'm now quite a fan of Cedele All-Day Din ing Restaurant at Ngee Ann City.. so brought her there, and of course it was my treat (to celebrate my successful application to UNISIM!).. ordered the Burmese Shan Tofu (which is a pan-fried tofu with balsalmic dressing - picture on top) and of course for my mum and aunty, they had the latte with organic unsweetened soya milk.. and they (esp. my aunty) love it so much.. she said it was very good.. haha.. guess they can't go wrong with my food recommendations.. haha.. chey..

Bought also an Adidas polo which was I think at about 18% discount (which was not offered a month back when I saw the same Polo T-shirt in the same place!).. and I always wanted to get my hands on those crocs slippers, and I manage to get one @ $58.80 (picture as above as well).. expensive but super comfortable! Love it.. so in total, spend prob $200.. so it could be my last few spendings, becos when sch starts, I need to save.. so ya.. oh well..

So just came home not long ago.. now gonna bathe and sleep..
Its Monday tomorrow again.. sigh~

I can die now as a happy man! haha..,
<<< abriel >>>

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Application successful!

Yup.. as the pic says it all, my application for the programme in Bachelor of Communications is successful!

Really want to thank the LORD for it.. because it has always been a dream come through to study such stuff, because my ultimate dream job would be in the service/Public Relations industry... so yupz.. I'm one step nearer to that goal!

Studying of course doesn't come cheap but thank God for the 40% government subsidy.. and also of course, another is the time factor.. My boss has known that my application is successful, and she has given her consent that she will be understanding, provided I finish everything on time and with quality as well.. so yupz..

Am so glad that its all going well.. next step, doing up the tremendous tough job of choosing modules and all.. tt is the thing that I dislike.. but oh well..

I'm happy!,
<<< abriel >>>

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cerebos Bowling Competition 2010

It is the time of the year again where Cerebos hosts her annual bowling competition, and for a change this year, it was held at Kallang Bowl @ Kallang Leisure Park.

As usual, I was one step away from a turkey strike (which will win me $50 cash if I had one), but I was 3 pins short of a strike on the last.. sigh~

But ok lah.. for the second time, my team won $30 Sushi Tei voucher, so we plan to spend it together!
Wendy and her team also won a $30 Swenson's voucher.. so we gonna spend it together as well.. so yupz..

It was a happy day lah.. Came home and blog this loh.. so yupz..

Aches and pains,
<<< abriel >>>

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 175th Birthday to BRAND'S!

The BRAND'S Family

This is the first year of my life that I took to the streets as a BRAND'S ambassador for a day! It is part and parcel of the BRAND'S Day celebrations which all staff are required to attend..

It was a day where we are assigned to various locations in Singapore, to pass gift packs to our retailers (supermarkets, chinese medical halls, etc), as our way of saying thanks for the unwavering support that they have given us all these while!

My team was assigned the Hougang area, and it was indeed a hot day.. but we manage to do it.. quite fun lah.. I was the photographer, and hence, I did not do much talking.. haha.. (so all the shots you see here in this blogpost, were all taken by me!)

So yup.. it was a happy day.. haha.. its the weekend!! Woohoo~

Scroll down to see some of the pictures I took at flag off in China Square Central:

The 2 birthday cakes!
Yes.. the bottle of Essence of Chicken is a CAKE!!

The gift pack for our retailers,
to thank them for their unwavering support!

The complimentary cupcake for each employee!
Heard its about $4 each! *gulpz*

Our branding!!

How can the photos be without me rite? =D

Happy.. shalalala~,
<<< abriel >>>

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day, decide to go a bit simple, because have been spending a little too much, and next month is my dad's birthday, and we plan to eat at a little more expensive place.. so ya..

Anyway, this evening, brought my mum to Thai Accent @ Vivocity for her Mother's Day meal, as we were all carving for the Tom Yum Soup.. haha.
But somehow the standard drop today and servings shrink quite a bit, maybe because there is a fairly big crowd, so they are busy..

But yupz.. glad my mum enjoyed it! =D
Below are some photos taken:

Dad & Mum

Sis & Myself

Som Tam (payaya salad) -
one of my favourite dishes in Thailand, because its sweet, sour and hot! Shiok!

Thai Accent's signature Clear Tom Yum Goong! - Ultimate shiokness!

But before the dinner, went shopping around.. and I always wanted a cross pendant, and yes.. I took the bold step.. annnndddd.. yes, I bought mine from Goldheart!
It didn't come cheap though, because both (cross pendant and chain) are white gold!
After discounts, it cost me $435, which is very expensive if you ask me.. still a little heartache lah (because this money is actually plan to be spent for my tentative Taiwan trip end of this yr, but becos of this, I'm not even sure whether I would be able to go.. sigh..)

But I'm not looking back.. wat's bought is bought le.. So yupz.. I simply love my cross pendant lah! =)

My first piece of jewellery (a cross pendant - both chain and pendant are white gold),
and this cost me a whopping $435 (after discount) and bought at Goldheart.
Heart still a bit pain though.. =(

Me donning on the cross pendant..
I look not bad hor.. haha!

Yupz.. this ends my adventure today.. going to turn in!~

Loving my cross pendant!,
<<< abriel >>>

Thursday, May 06, 2010

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2010

The run is here again.. however, this year I decided not to run, because of the route last year (which is the same as this year!)..

However, I was asked to replace my EVP/CFO as he is not feeling well.. And I happen to be free, and thought oh well.. just go lah..

To my surprise, I didn't regret it, because the finisher T-shirt is really very nice (because its Adidas design and its very obvious with the 3 strips and all!) and most of all, I met one of my ex-colleague (aka brother), Warren..
Warren has always been a good brother of mine ever since I stepped into Cerebos Badminton Team.. and he never fails to encourage me.. so yupz.. he is the reason why I'm interested in badminton all over again.. so yupz.. Great brother lah, but too bad he has moved on.. oh well..

Then the food is ok lah.. not too bad.. same venue as last year, O’Learys Sportsbar @ The Flyer..

Some of the photos are as follows.. Enjoy!

Group picture - Run for Charity!
$8960 ($560 per runner) raised in total for The Straits Time Pocket Money Fund!

The guys participating in the run!
(L-R: Silas, myself, Feng Yuan, Kelvin, Boon Leong, Phillip)

The thorn among the roses.
(Camwhoring before the run!)

A very nice picture taken of ME before the run! =D

Running without my iPod since it is only a short run (5.6km)

Group picture taken after the run.
(Super sweaty and tired!)

Group picture taken after the run with Cerebos' ex-colleague (aka brother), Warren!

Having finger food & drinks at O’Learys Sportsbar @ The Flyer.
(All guys donned on the Adidas Finisher Tshirt immediately after the run, and that's why you see me wearing it as well!)

Cheers with our beers and juices!

After that, came back to office and then went home.. so yupz..
Came back and bathe, and yupz.. blog this already loh.. not too bad rite =)

Need to sleep liaox.. tomorrow working and I wonder how much work I need to complete tomorrow.. Tomorrow is Friday leh.. oh well..

Hot weather but good run,
<<< abriel >>>